Readings by Bethany

About Bethany:
I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years and have been able to help many clients, friends, and family with future decisions and endeavors. I feel God's warmth, peace, and connection to the area I live. I feel that the area in which I have been drawn to live has a strong vibration of peace and serenity. This vibration allows me to  feel God's Divine intervention.  I specialize in using tarot cards along with my acute empathy skills to read into your situation.   I shuffle my cards and focus on what you're telling me.  Birth dates, names, locations, and a bit about what's on your mind and history will all help me with reading into your situation and helping you find the best answers possible.  I welcome all questions, concerns, and any kind of clarification you might need to feel completely and totally satisfied with your reading.  I do my best at providing you with a clear and concise reading. I do not tell anyone what he or she wants to hear. Life does not work this way and neither do my readings. I will tell you exactly what I see and feel. We are a part of God's time table not our own. There for I will be totally and completely honest with you. I have found over time that I am very good with general timing,  where you're headed, and what the other person is feeling/thinking, in all areas involving personal relationships. All of my readings are confidential and I respect your privacy while we are talking.  Please feel free to be open and judgements made here. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you!


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